How do I start a timeline as adoptee?

  1. Write the date and year you think you were born.
  2. Then fill in based on what you have been told orally, by writing dates and years and, based on those dates, name the event that happened.
  3. If you have papers, merge the dates and years into the row of the data you entered, in the same way.
  4. Request more papers if you think more can be obtained and combine it.
  5. Write a question mark on the date and year if there is any doubt about the order or authenticity of the alleged event
  • Data can be adoption papers, when they were issued and when they were stamped and from whom
  • Data can be your Hojuk, (family register) if it corresponds to the order of when and how you arrived at the given orphanage/centre
  • Data can be stamps from the original papers, which should preferably be in Korean/or another original language.
  • Data can be when you arrived at the orphanage/centre or agency.
  • Data can be who handed you over or found you and how and when you were found.
  • Data can be who has been granted guardianship at the given orphanage….
  • Data can be how and where you came to adoptive family.
  • Data can be your health information.

Remember that for every English document that exists, a Korean one is also published, even if you don't have it yourself, and on the original documents there are stamps, not only signatures and their authenticity, you can also question them if there is uncertainty.

Along the way, you can request original papers from the relevant adoption agency Holt, KSS, Brothers Home, etc... plus national archives in the country you are adopted to and may have to do it several times.

If you go so far as to believe that the adoption agencies in question are not telling the truth, you can contact the NCRC as a way out before going to extremes and perhaps getting papers that you were not aware of. Remember, however, that the NCRC can only provide papers that are given to them in relation to the agency's release. And often a medical certificate is required that shows it is a necessity to get help from them.