TRC Statement

  • The second Truth and Reconciliation Committee (Chairman Chung Geun-sik, Truth and Reconciliation Committee) held the 47th committee at Namsan Square Building in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 6th and decided to start investigating 34 cases related to the "Overseas Adoption Process Human Rights Violation Case (I)."
  • Overseas Adoption Process Human Rights Violation Case (I) is the request for investigation by 34 persons who were adopted to the Netherlands and 6 other countries as infants between around 1960 and 1990, where even though they had biological parents, crimes such as child theft or adoption without permission from the biological parents occured, and as orphans their papers were manipulated and as such information about their original identity and birth family have been lost or changed which is in violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the right to origin.
  • Overseas adoption began in 1954 with President Syngman Rhee's initiative, and has been conducted by an adoption agency approved and supervised by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs under the Special Orphan Adoption Law (1961) and the Special Adoption Law (1976).
  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission confirmed through records that the applicants identities were manipulated as orphans or other third parties even though they had biological parents.
  • In addition, the National Investigation Commission of the Netherlands*, a recipient country of adoption, revealed that there were illegal acts by the state and serious human rights violations against children and biological parents in the past, and as such we have decided to launch an investigation.
    * Korea ranks first among the nationalities of children adopted to the Netherlands between 1970 and 1979
  • This is the 39th time the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has decided to launch an investigation.